These days you have several different categories of coffee roasters –
Traditional roasters are your older style roasters that pre date 2009 – 10 when
we began our coffee journey you’ll generally see their packs on supermarket
shelves and old basic cafes & restaurants they cater to more old fashioned
tastes darker roast profiles using cheaper commercial grade coffees. Some of
these roasters have tried to update their more traditional coffee range to
more modern flavor profiles and thankfully more premium coffees – then you
will find the more higher profile coffee roasters around that can be found in all
of the usual places like on the high street cafes funky cafes and eateries –
having. They’ve helped drive the fascination in finding the right coffee.
Largely the average consumer’s knowledge of coffee had generally been fairly
limited These more well-known roasters have helped to educate a growing
industry and help fuel the desire of coffee drinkers to learn a lot more about
the coffee roasters they like and the coffees they roast.
These savvy consumers like to know a whole lot more about their coffee
roaster’s range of coffees – other than the great taste. Some of the more
switched on coffee lovers like to know about the source of the bean the
country the region the terroir the coffee varietal and even the coffee
processing methods.
Some even go as far as learning about the more intricate nuances such as roast
colour and profile of the roasted coffee bean style they prefer and some, like
fine wine connoisseurs can distinguish various flavours and characters like
acidity & main or subtle flavour notes or whether a blend is 100% arabica or
has some robusta included.
This is something that coffee company specialise in – we have always sought
to take our customers on our coffee journey – with what we are doing
especially as we seek to tweak our range and improve & extend our premium
range of specialty coffees.
We have found more commonly found today is the desire of many of our
customers to ensure the entire supply line is treated fairly – so a consumer
may ask question of their coffee roaster such as is the coffee sustainable? – is
it carbon neutral or is it carbon positive? (as are several coffees in our range)
does it look after the farmer and their workers and it the coffee sourced in an
ethical manner?
Its not easy to quantify what makes a great roaster but someone that delivers
their customers a consistent quality delicious coffee – with consistent
freshness enough information on the their products such as the farmer’s that
produce it and the coops that distribute that coffee to the eager coffee world –
the regions where it is sourced really help the consumer find a coffee product
done in a style and flavour profile they can bond with and this criteria is
available from us on our website & bag descriptions and from the coffee
roaster himself Nevertheless, like you, we’re coffee fanatics. We love sourcing it designing the
flavor profiles and roasting it for you the very best way we can – hope you
enjoyed this little spiel

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