In Melbourne we take our coffee very seriously it is the home of coffee in Australia and home to most of the best coffee roasters & cafes in Australia.

it is easy to be overwhelmed when you walk into a funky “cool” café  there are so many choices , you’ll rarely hear someone just ask for a “coffee” – there are so many styles  & sizes of coffee to order here is a very quick but by no means exhaustive guide to ordering your perfect coffee. and if you’re  able to find a cafe run by a Coffee Roaster you’ll  have really great chance of  having  a great coffee experience

Most good  Melbourne cafes  only offer two to three sizes–piccolo regular and large

Flat White

this is a classic Melbourne coffee a flat white contains a single shot of espresso followed by a steamy pour of milk and barely a thin layer of foam

this is possibly the most popular style of morning coffee in Melbourne it is smoother and silkier tasting than the flat white and is a great coffee institution in Melbourne cafes – for a stronger latte as for a double shot and you will get more intense drink


very popular in the Melbourne coffee scene it’s the ideal drink for anyone who wants a full shot of coffee & caffeine with far less less milk – sometimes also known as a ¾ latte  it is a small and intense drink & a great pick me up too


for coffee drinkers with a preference for a sweeter drink the cappuccino is like a latte with more of the foam and topped with a dusting of straight cocoa powder or in some cases a dusting of the house hot chocolate powder (check out our amazon hot chocolate its delicious)

Long Black / Black Coffee 

If you would usually drink an Americano, a long black is a great Melbourne alternative If it is done properly it should consist of two shots of espresso poured over a shot of hot water to preserve the precious layer of crema so it looks like a giant espresso – very tasty

Espresso / Short Black /  Shortie

the short black is simple and the foundation of other espresso coffee drinks  – just a single shot of espresso and the best espressos are complex strong sweet and make your tastebuds dance

probably the smallest of coffees available,  basically ristretto is a short poured espresso shot  – it’s the same size of ground coffee with approx 22ml of liquid  offering a   super intense sweet & smooth and less bitter shot with less caffeine to boot


also known as a dirty espresso by some cafes and coffee roasters is basically a shot of espresso and a splash of foamed milk or a teasoon of milk foam just cuts the bitterness and adds a little sweetness.

Magic (its a Melbourne Coffee) 

simply put a magic coffee is a double ristretto shot in a 160ml cup or glass and then topped with steamed milk with only a very thin layer of micro foam on top  the resulting drink is like a smaller  but more  intense flat white

So there you have it – for those of you that have espresso making facilities to make the above drinks at home check out our range of premium and  distinct coffee blends suitable for all of these styles of coffee we hope you enjoy

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