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When you are looking for a coffee roaster in Melbourne you will certainly have plenty of coffee roasters to choose from. After all, Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia (maybe the world) with coffee roasters to be found in every nook and cranny throughout Melbourne

This is why you need to ask lots of important questions like what sort of beans does your coffee roaster use? If they wont tell you it would be better to find someone who is passionate enough to share that info with you and tell you the story of what makes their coffee unique and why you should try it.

You should also ask the coffee roaster where their coffee beans are from – how often does the coffee roaster roast their coffee per week ? How old is the coffee on the shelf?

Importantly does your coffee roaster offer specialty coffees? these are the highest quality beans used by Melbourne coffee roasters who are serious about their coffee.

If you have a business such as a café or coffee cart restaurant school or corporate office does your coffee roaster have enough capacity to support a successful partnership with your business?

Can they also supply their specialty coffee at competitive prices as well as supplying delicious chocolates chai’s and teas?

If this is what you need – why don’t you speak to us about your unique requirements.

that coffee company have been specialty roasters since 2010 we make delicious small batch hand roasted specialty coffee – coffee that is expertly hand roasted daily in Melbourne – why don’t you contact us? If you want some delicious, seriously good coffee – delivered with a smile and without the fuss or the mumbo jumbo – you are looking for a coffee roaster just like us

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