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Private label and contract roasting

that coffee company  has over 10 years of experience in roasting for other coffee suppliers in Melbourne.
We are experienced contract roasters we roasted  for many coffee businesses & cafes over the years both in Melbourne and NSW we can create for you a delicious specialty coffee blend to your exact requirements or we can easily adapt one of our tried and tested
coffees as your own house blend for your cafe coffee cart or whether you are an established coffee brand or a startup coffee business – take the hassle out of the equation and let us help you take your business further with your own branding & unique flavour

To further assist your  we can offer you any number of packaging solutions, from the usual valved coffee bags we all know and love and  we can also offer some newer alternative packaging options including using reusable valved metal coffee drums that saves on
packaging or recyclable and biodegradable bags or bulk bag options
We are happy to provide a solution that aligns with your budget and your values If you would like to explore your options

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