as a business we place the customer at the centre of everything we do that’s why we’ve been in business since 2010 as a general business philosophy we will always try and resolve any issue directly with our customers so they can have a great experience and tell their friends and colleagues  about us which is how we like it 

Refund Policy

What happens if someone changes their mind after placing the order?

 if they contact us before the goods have shipped we are happy to exchange as long as the customer pays the difference (if any)  otherwise no exchanges 

What happens if someone is not happy with the goods?

if you purchase a retail product like an aeropress for example and you are not happy with it – we do not offer a refund/replacement unless it is faulty

if you order a particular coffee and we send the incorrect one by all means we would send the correct coffee and we would be happy for you to keep the incorrect coffee anyway

In the unlikely event that coffee is delivered damaged eg ripped bag etc we would replace that coffee and take it up with the transport company but if you just don’t like the flavor no refunds apply

In what instance would a refund/return/exchange be offered? 

if customers buy a retail product eg: aeropress coffee maker if there is a fault they would be entitled to whatever the law requires – if the coffee maker was indeed faulty we would supply another one and take it up a up directly with the distributor

if it is food product from  a 3rd party retail product like tea or cocoa  for example, same thing would apply we would offer a replacement or just a straight refund but in the instance you  just don’t like the flavor that is something we would not refund unless we had made some sort of error and sent the wrong thing 

Full refunds, including shipping costs, must be available in line with Australian Consumer Law for goods with major faults/defects.

if goods are faulty by all means we will organise with the customer to return the faulty product and we would replace it with a new product or refund

As mentioned above, in the unlikely event that coffee is delivered with a damaged bag & with the beans spilling out etc – we would send a replacement

 In the unusual event that we have failed to supply the correct coffee that was ordered we would of course  supply the correct product no questions asked and would allow the customer to keep the incorrect product – for plain changes of mind we don’t offer refunds


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