Different categories of coffee roasters

These days you have several different categories of coffee roasters – Traditional roasters are your older style roasters that pre date 2009 – 10 when we began our coffee journey you’ll generally see their packs on supermarket shelves and old basic cafes & restaurants they cater to more old fashioned tastes darker roast profiles using cheaper commer ...

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Specialty Coffee from around the world

that coffee company scours the world looking for delicious specialty coffee so we can bring our customers delicious full bodied delicious coffees to enjoy w e have close personal relationships with the people that supply our premium tasty green coffee and we  can rely on these long-standing friendships to bring you some exciting and unusual offering ...

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How to store coffee beans

To preserve and store freshly roasted coffee beans and maintain and enhance that flavour as long as possible, we usually recommend you  store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature. You should try and avoid clear canisters which will allow light to compromise the taste of your coffee. Keep your beans in a dark and cool location ...

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