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Ipanema Espresso - Rainforest Alliance - For Lovers of Espresso
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Ipanema Espresso - Rainforest Alliance - For Lovers of Espresso

Price per Unit (piece): $8.00

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100% Arabica Ipanema Espresso - medium-dark roast - excellent for espresso, plunger or filter style coffee. This is a high quality Brazilian espresso created soley from Arabica Beans from 3 different areas of the same coffee farm high in the Brazillian Hills. Works with milk too Brazil coffee is renowned for its body, crema, & sweetness. Our Ipanema Espresso is low acid and produces wonderful bittersweet and chocolate smoothness.

Ipanema Espresso is used as the basis of many premium espresso blends around the world including our own.
Ipanema Espresso is one of the best of the Brazilian coffees on the market - our Ipanema Espresso is a blend of 3 different processing methods.
IPANEMA Espresso Blend is a combination of Natural, Pulped Natural & Fully Washed coffees. The ripe cherry based blend gives it a ready and balanced taste. With distinct acidity; its creamy and velvety body brings a pronounced orange honey finish.

this is a rainforest alliance - premium espresso coffee and surely one of the best single origin espresso beans currently available on the market.